The Pierce House offers:

  • Wireless Internet service throughout the facility
  • Security system
  • Cable television
  • Private phone jacks in each room

Cable TV, Internet service, and our high security system are included in our room fees. Residents are invited to bring their own telephone. Private telephone service is available through FairPoint Communications; each resident is responsible for his or her FairPoint bill. Facility phones are available for resident use, at no additional cost.

A computer and printer are available for resident use. The keyboard features large keys, and the monitor uses large print. This computer is located in the parlor. Residents can access the Internet and email from this computer. Residents may bring their own computer; The Pierce House offers wireless service.

Cable TV service is available in each room. Service is provided by BeeLine, at no extra cost to the resident.

The Security system at The Pierce House provides peace of mind. We are fully equipped with electronic safety features. Smoke detectors are strategically located throughout the facility. We have fire pull stations at each exit, and an automatic sprinkler system. There is an elaborate hood system in the kitchen, designed to prevent fire and protect the residents. The local fire station is immediately alerted electronically if any of these alarms are activated. The system also includes an electronic call-bell in each room and bath, easily accessible by the resident and staff. In addition to these safety features, exit doors can be alarmed to notify staff of persons entering or leaving The Pierce House.