Friends 2016

Friends 2016

Friends of The Pierce House are: Nikki Adams, Annette Backus, Rina Bardo, Sue Eastler, margaret Farmer, Mary-Sue Hayden, Amanda Murray, Jill Perry, Kathy Pierce, Holly Price, Joanne Smith, Jeannette Sproul, Judith Tracy, Shirley Waddell, Anne Wehrman, and Frannie Hardy.

Adjunct Pierce House Friends assist with special events. They are: Judy Bjorn, Marie Burns, Peg Harvey, Julia Hennessy, Brenda Holman, and Carole Godomsky.

Friends' Mission Statement. The purpose of the Friends of the Pierce House is to enrich the well being of the residents and their families by assisting the Administrator and staff with special events. The Friends will provide support and encouragement to enhance the lives of the residents. The Friends operate under the direction of the Administrator and the Board of Trustees.                            

The Friends of The Pierce House was endorsed by the Board of Trustees on June 12, 2003.  The group of seventeen women is exceptionally active; they meet on the first Wednesday of every month at 10:00 a.m. at The Pierce House. The Chairperson of the group  is Mary Sue Hayden. 

The stated role of the Friends is:

The Friends of The Pierce House is a group of volunteers who will provide social services to the residents that go beyond the required and expected care-giving responsibilities of the staff. The visits with the Friends also strengthen the personal connections between residents and the community. 

The Board also voted to maintain the same number of Friends as Trustees, (17). Activities also include a House Committee that provides additional assistance in maintaining the appearance of the Home. 

Activities include monthly teas on Saturday at 2:30 p.m. and a special event is planned for the residents’ enjoyment. Recent teas have included poetry readings, a flag ceremony presented by the Emblem Club, stories from a woman who served as a WAVE during WWII, and a musical program. 

On a beautiful summer or fall day, the residents may be found enjoying a party boat ride around Clearwater Lake, a tea at the hillside home of Judy Bjorn overlooking the spectacular fall foliage, a party around the pool at Hayden’s, or a concert in the Meetinghouse Park in downtown Farmington. 

The Friends assist with the Community Fourth of July celebration held on the lawns at The Pierce House. The Board of Trustees hosts the event that includes the Centennial Band from Portland, and seating and tents for spectators who enjoy the parade that precedes the celebration and the concert that follows the parade. Events include cookie decorating for children, a lemonade and drinks stand, strawberry shortcakes, sponsored by the Old South Congregational Church, and the concert by the Band. The Baptist Church next door offers hot dogs with fixings.

Excerpts from the Special Supplement, Morning Sentinel, June 28, 2005; Diane Johnson, Correspondent.

Photo. Front row: Amanda Murray, Sylvia Yeaton.
Second row: Judy Bjorn, Margaret Farmer, Nikki Adams, Mary-Sue Hayden, Peg Harvey, Jeanette Sproul, Brenda Holman.
Back row: Pat Durham, Debbie Cressell, Carole Godomsky, Shirley Waddell, Marie Burns, Annette Backus, Jill Perry, Kate Bean.