The local hospital, Franklin Memorial Hospital, is less than 5 miles from The Pierce House. Pierce House staff transport residents for routine care at the hospital. Ambulance services are also available.

Franklin Memorial Hospital is part of Franklin Community Health Network (FCHN), a local nonprofit organization of health care providers and services. Franklin Memorial Hospital (FMH) offers integrated care across a continuum of services: physician practices, surgical services, outpatient and specialty clinics, and inpatient care. Patients at FMH receive warm, friendly attention for acute and chronic illness or for hospice care. FMH offers the latest technology, and is proud of its reputation for excellence, innovation, and caring. Click on this link to learn more about FMH:

FMH started as a small hospital on South St, in Farmington, in 1921. By 1926 people recognized they needed to expand. Citizens of Franklin County raised $100,000 in eight days, a philanthropic organization based in New York matched this amount, and a hospital was built north of Farmington at a cost of $300,000. This facility served the citizens well for many years, but eventually needs outpaced space. In the late sixties, the Hospital Board started fundraising for a new facility. A $3.5 million dollar hospital was constructed west of Farmington; it opened in 1975. There have been many additions and renovations to the structure since 1975, including the 1983 ICU expansion, the 1987 OutPatient addition, expansion into the Subaru Building in 1991, the 2004 Ben Franklin Education Center, and the present day Medical Arts Building.

Today, FCHN proudly serves the citizens of western Maine. FCHN provides up-to-date ambulance and hospital services, caring nurses and physicians, medical specialists, and community outreach programs. FCHN is part of a vibrant community, maintaining strong ties with the University of Maine at Farmington, local businesses and churches, assisted living facilities and nursing homes, government, schools, and charitable organizations.

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Meredith Kendall
May 25, 2008